Rural Carpet Cleaning Services.

Our Rural Carpet cleaner covers most Canterbury areas such as, Selwyn, North Canterbury, Hurunui, Mid Canterbury and Banks Peninsula. However we only off carpet and window cleaning as a package. 

You can find out more about our Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning packages on our pricing page. We use hot hoe extraction for our carpet cleaning. We have kept well away from steam cleaning as it causes damage to your carpet. Below you can read more about our carpet cleaning methods.

Carpet Cleaning services Christchurch

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

Our method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. With modern carpet fibres that are now used it is no longer safe to use steam cleaning. 

We start with a nicely vacumed cleaned house, we then spray your carpets with a dirt extracting chemical and other solutions depending on the types of stains. This is left to sit for around twenty minutes before with start with the carpet clean. 


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